R-Tek was formed at the end of 2006 by former Australian Formula 2 Champion Ian Richards.
Richards, a talented engineer joins Sir Jack Brabham as one of very few drivers to win a Championship in a car of his own design and construction.
He was contracted by the South Australian Government to contribute to the TAFE program to design and race a car of its own design, the SHRIKE

Since retiring as a driver in 1995, Ian Richards has been working professionally as a race engineer in Australia and New Zealand for both Formula 3
and Formula Toyato teams.

He engineered Karl Reindler in 2003 and 2004 in his Australian Formula 3 Championship winning year and has worked with Peter Hackett, James
Manderson, (2002 Championship) Ian Dyke, Neil McFayden, Darren Palmer, Ben Clucas (2006 Champion) and more recently Tim Macrow (2007
Champion) and Sam Sofi.

He also engineered the American West sports prototype that dominated the Australian Thundersport Championships in 2007 driven by Tom Drewer.
Ian has won the Australasian Engineering Albert Ludgate Award, the CAMS Phil Erving award an has been awarded a Certificate of Merit by Minister
for Recreation and Sport.

Results Archive
2019 Australian Formula 3 Champions: John Magro ~ Dallara F311 Mercedes-Benz (un-defeated)
2019 National Class Champions: Roman Krumins ~ Dallara F307 Spiess-Opel
2018 National Class Champions: Roman Krumins ~ Dallara F307 Spiess-Opel
2017 National Class Champions: Roman Krumins ~ Dallara F307 Spiess-Opel
2014 Kumho Cup Champions: Roland Legge ~ Dallara F304 Spiess-Opel
2012 Australian Drivers Champions (Gold Star): James Winslow ~ Dallara F307 Mercedes-Benz
2011 National Class Champions: Steel Giuliania ~ Dallara F304 Spiess-Opel

Championship: 3rd ~ Roland Legge
National: 2nd ~ Nathan Kumar, 3rd ~ Roman Krumins

Championship: 4th ~ Roland Legge
National: 2nd ~ Nathan Kumar, 3rd ~ Dennie Rumble, 6th ~ Roman Krumins
Kumho Cup: 3rd ~ Andrew Roberts, 5th ~ Keegan Brain

Championship: 8th ~ Jon Collins, 9th ~ James Winslow
National: 3rd ~ Roland Legge
Kumho Cup: 1st ~ Roland Legge

Championship: 6th ~ Nathan Morcom, 7th ~ Jack Le Brocq, 10th ~ Steel Giuliania
National: 2nd ~ Todd Hazelwood, 3rd ~ Jon Collins

Championship: 1st ~ James Winslow, 3rd ~ Steel Giuliania
National: 4th ~ Adrian Cottrell, 6th ~ Jon Collins, 7th ~ Mike Wayne, 8th ~ Chris Slusarski, 9th ~ Adam Gill

Championship: 2nd ~ James Winslow, 7th ~ Bryce Moore
National: 1st ~ Steel Giuliania, 3rd ~ Josh Burdon

National: 2nd ~ John Magro, 5th ~ Josh Burdon, 6th ~ Martin Short, 8th ~ Joshua Hunt/Tom Drewer
10th ~ Nathan Morcom, 12th ~ Jesse Wakeman, 14th ~ Bryce Moore

National: 3rd ~ Jesse Wakeman, 6th ~ Roger I'Anson, 12th ~ Li Zhi Cong, 13th ~ Zhang Shan Qi

National: 7th ~ Karl Reindler, 11th ~ Chris Reindler
Trophy: 2nd ~ Jesse Wakeman

Championship: 6th ~ Matt Sofi
National: 5th ~ Jesse Wakeman